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Positive Reinforcement

Our staff is trained to offer honest and sincere praise to employees for a job well done. We believe positive reinforcement motivates employees to continue striving for excellence. Various programs are used to reward and recognize our associates who meet and exceed customers’ expectations.


Top-rated employees are rewarded with additional assignments, pay increases and/or bonuses. Our experience shows merit-based awards like these motivate associates to go to work and give their best effort.

Continued Training

We want your input on how our employee fits your position.  As an employee is exiting an assignment we ask you to rate him or her on several factors including: Professional Appearance, Attendance, Attitude, Dependability, Quality of Work and Productivity.


Employee benefits such as health and life insurance, retirement options, and the like are used by companies in their efforts to maintain happy employees. Our associates appreciate our generous benefits package and work hard to preserve it.

Client Feedback

We ask clients to rate the associates we’ve assigned to them to help us reward hard work and correct poor performance. Our associates strive to do their best in hopes of earning future pay increases or bonuses.

Pay Flexibility

Every associate has different financial demands and we know that financial pressure can impact work performance. We pay associates according to the pay frequency and methods (paycheck, pay card, and/or direct deposit) they require.

Generous Salaries

Potential Pay Increases


401(k) Retirement Plan

Paid Vacation

Paid Holidays

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Long-term Disability

MetLife Auto & Home Discounts

Chrysler & Ford Preferred Pricing

Whirlpool Discounts

GM Discount Program

AT&T, Sprint & Verizon Discounts


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Trusted Partners

Partners understand the business challenge and provide solutions that address it. A partner is not a commodity. A partner is someone with a vested interest in your business and actually cares that you succeed.